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Passion. Experience. Going after the elusive Ideal Practice model.





Anand Sheth

From having served coffee to clients to compliance to financial planning to trading to presenting in front of high net worth business individuals; Anand has done it all when it comes to the financial advisory world. Over 19 years of experience working under different successful advisors and learning from them. With a passion for technology and making mundane things more automated, Anand has begun this journey with his co-founder to help financial advisory practices worldwide.


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James Hill

Solving problems is a natural gift for James. Over 18 years working his way up in technology development field has enabled him to master the craft, but more importantly an innate ability to understand the problem he is trying to solve. Having developed software that processes millions of records, he has joined Anand with his quest to solve the challenges in the financial advisory world.




Tim Jenkins

Tim provides us with valuable advice on this software journey. Having co-founded SendGrid, being part of Techstars and leading the firm with his co-founders to IPO and eventual sale to Twilio for $3B, his experience is invaluable.


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