Adding & Editing Notes using Micro-templates

Prepare agenda or summary, take notes and create documents within seconds

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  • When creating Agenda or Summary, make your notes client-facing, so instead "Ask client to provide…" use "Provide us ...".
  • Always associate notes with a topic to keep them organized and included in the final document. 

Walkthrough Link

By clicking the button below, you will be taken to Pulse360 application for a step by step walk-through.
Add a New Topic Walk-through


Step 1

Select a Client and Appointment to activate Topics and Micro-templates fields.

Step 2

Start typing in the Micro-templates field to find the one you need.

Step 3

Tag "A" or "S" to add them to Agenda and Summary accordingly.

Step 4

Change the order of the notes on the same Topic by holding "Three-line" icon. 

Step 5

Use inline editing to customize the note. Click Save (Shift+Enter) to apply changes.

Step 6

Delete notes, that shouldn't be added to the document.

Step 7

Create a document.
We want you to succeed. If you would like support, please email us.

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