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Adding Notes & Topics to a Document

Make templates serve your practice

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  • Use these steps to make sure your Notes & Topics will be displayed in the final output.
  • Edit, add or delete information from the Document Vault - Page Template - Edit Blocks.
  • Blocks make up Templates and can be used multiple times for various types of Documents.

Walkthrough Link

By clicking the button below, you will be taken to Pulse360 application for a step by step walk-through.
Add a New Topic Walk-through


Step 1

Use appropriate tags "A" and "S" to add notes to Agenda or Summary. 

Step 2

Check the necessary Topic on the main Template (Document Vault - Page Templates). 

Step 3

Add missing Topics to the main Template by editing Blocks ("Pencil" icon).

Step 4

Make sure all the Placeholders correspond with the Template (e.g., every Summary Template should contain Placeholders starting with {{summary: …}}) . 
We want you to succeed. If you would like support, please email us.

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