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“Anything is possible – we put a man on Moon!” – Anand

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The What and Why:

I have two decades of experience in the financial advisory world – from being a financial advisor, a compliance person, front-desk person, strategic consultant, paraplanner – you name it, I have done it.

In addition, I have always utilized technology (including coding) to achieve efficiencies from the many mundane tasks that we have to do. It’s not to replace people – but make them more productive and focus on more growth-generating activities.

There are many moving pieces with advisors, their teams, and how they provide the best value and advice to their clients. Over my 19 years, I was blessed to have worked with the most successful advisors in this business. I have learned a lot. I have strategized with the advisors and developed plans to execute with the team.

Out of the many things I have learned, how we go about executing a vision is a critical factor in not only success but more importantly: success with efficiency. Many times I have been involved in implementing a project, and we bulldoze through it. The result is usually successful; however, at what cost?

  • Did we throw money at the problem? (Very easy to do that!)

  • Is your team burnt out?

  • We moved fast, but did we build a repeatable process – or will we bulldoze through the next time as well?

  • What’s the impact on other tasks that perhaps were relegated to the back-burner?

With the busy schedules and the numerous mundane tasks that we have to get done, it is easy to see how bull-dozing is the method of choice for some teams. Advisors are generally busy making rain, and the team wants to get things done that is on their plate today (this week). I have been caught in this whirlwind as well.

So my thesis has always been: Achieve Success with Efficiency!

Efficiency is not just about saving time by doing one thing well – in my humble opinion, we have to strategically look in the future and see how we can do this one thing, not only well, but repeatedly, economically, without burning the team out and not having other things fall through the crack. That’s a tall order.

With that background, I have decided to attempt to reach for the elusive ideal practice model for financial advisors and especially their teams. I want you and everyone in this financial advisory world to have access to technology that helps rather than hinder you from getting things done – efficiently. My why is simple – if humankind can put a man on the moon with technology vastly inferior to that smartphone in your hand, I believe we can solve the challenges that we “live” with right now.

I, in partnership with my co-founder, Jamie, are re-imagining how to tackle this challenge. This blog will provide you a look inside on the journey we have had so far.

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