Our pledge to the next generation of financial advisors

You have entered an amazing profession. You want to help regular folks achieve their financial goals. However, running a financial advisory practice is challenging even for seasoned advisors. And as someone who is relatively new to the industry, your attention will be pulled in many directions - what tech to purchase, which investment portfolios should you pursue for your clients, how do you get new clients and so many. 

We want to help. We are offering you our software for free until you are past your 3-years in the business. 
Why? Our vision is to help financial advisors grow and scale. Our industry needs to the new generation of advisors now more than ever. We want to help set up best practices so that you can grow and be successful. 

Ultimately, we want you to focus on your clients and deliver the best service you potentially can without burdening your practice. 


If you are a new financial advisor with less than 3-years in the business, please subscribe below and you will be given access to our software and training. 

In return, we request that you are a member of either FPA NextGen or NAPFA Genesis. And request that you dedicate 1 hour out of your week for pro bono financial planning. 

If you know of another advisor that would benefit from this, please share this with them. Or provide us their name. 
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