Spend less time documenting your advice - and more time talking to clients

Your clients need your personal input - especially during the COVID-19 crisis. So do away with documentation overload and focus on your clients instead.
Keep your team on the same page - even remotely.
Screenshot of Pulse360 software showing completed summary letter

Designed for Financial Advisors

Transform your client review workflow processes

See how you can send an agenda, take handwritten notes and send follow-ups - all from one place.

A Searchable, Repeatable, and Scalable process

Prepare and send customized agendas in just 2 minutes

With the help of Pulse360’s micro-templates and flexible fields, you can create customized agendas in a flash - without breaking a sweat. Housekeeping and opportunity items can be included too.

Say goodbye to yellow pads - take notes digitally

Coming June 2020
You can write/draw on the built-in digital notepad. It is directly tied to your client and the appointment within Pulse360 and centrally saved. Your team can access what you write/draw - in one app - from anywhere. And Pulse360 syncs seamlessly with your current CRM. Hand-offs are now a thing of the past!

A junior staff member can relay your advice - in your words - in an instant

Financial lingo, compliance issues and company branding all have to be addressed in a follow-up. No wonder they’re such a chore. Not any more. With Pulse360 simply add in your advice just once - then pass to a junior team member to create your follow-up. Job done. Now you can spend your time where it’s needed most - with clients. Time to scale your business!

Send follow-ups in 5 minutes

You don’t have to open an email to compose a follow-up. Or grapple with frustrating formatting issues. Finished follow-ups are sent directly from your app - and your advice is synced to your CRM. A searchable, repeatable and scalable process.

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