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Editing Elements of the Document

You can adapt each particular item on the Document

We want you to succeed. If you would like support, please email us.


  • Each Document has the same structure: Micro-templates/Notes - Topic/Placeholder -  Block - Template/Document
  • Important to make sure that each Note is tagged, as well as each Placeholder correspond with the type of Template you work on.

Walkthrough Link

By clicking the button below, you will be taken to Pulse360 application for a step by step walk-through.
Add a New Topic Walk-through


Step 1

Use inline editing to make changes to each note and delete unnecessary ones.

Step 2

Make changes to Blocks to edit static text. You can use Edit ('Pencil' icon) next to the name of the block in the Page Template.

Step 3

Add or Delete Blocks on the Template page. 

Step 4

You can change order of the Blocks clicking on the 'Arrow' icon. 

Step 5

You can add new Templates by clicking 'Plus sign' or delete unnecessary ones by clicking 'Trash bin' in the top left corner. 
We want you to succeed. If you would like support, please email us.

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