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Creating tasks in Redtail

We are starting to build the next level of integration with Redtail - automatically creating tasks based on the micro-templates.

The idea is that once you "mark" a micro-template as a "task" in Pulse360, anytime in future you use the same micro-template across your client base, it auto creates the task in Redtail and assigns it to the person you had originally picked.

I would love to get your feedback on what you would want to see in the "Task Name" - full text from a micro-template? Or a general task name with the Topic amended to it?

The reason I am asking is because the micro-template can be a long sentence. Not sure how that would work for you in Redtail if you see such a long name for a task. I am attaching some images below to show you what I mean. 

This is an example of the micro-template from Pulse360:
How it shows up in Redtail in a Task list:
How it shows up in Redtail once you edit a task:
Really appreciate you letting me know.

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