Automate Mundane Tasks



Your time is money.

Your advice is the value.

We help you efficiently deliver on both.

Client expectations are rising: Amazon delivers in a day; email is instantaneous, and you can instantly chat with anyone in the world. Yet it seems, in the financial advisory world, we are too busy putting out fires to recognize that technology has not been meeting our needs. For far too long technology has promised us efficiencies and not fully delivered on that promise. No more excuses - it IS possible. With our deep first-hand experience of doing mundane tasks, we are energized to help you aim to attain that elusive ideal practice model.

We are taking a fresh look at financial advisory practice processes and applying our experience and technology magic to make your business more economically efficient and boost your team’s productivity.

We understand the frustration your team has - we have pulled our hair out too. For a change, we are looking at the inefficiencies from the ground up - where your team operates daily.

Since we have not officially launched, secrecy is paramount. Get in touch by scheduling a demo or giving us a call: 951-254-2373.


Areas of Impact

Meet your client expectations

What did we talk about? You face many challenges - fee compression, competitors, compliance, talent shortages - use our solution to quickly and efficiently tackle all and meet the ever increasing client expectations.

One place for all your meeting notes

Did we discuss about that issue with the client? Stop having your team waste time digging through multiple Excel files / PDFs of your notes to search for those answers. Instantly access all your notes in one place. Bonus - every note is searchable.


Your senior team members should be focused on growth-generating activities - not manual tasks that can be automated. With our solution, you can have junior team members send out customized agendas or summary letters in a few clicks - via email or snail mail. Even your intern can knock it out in a few minutes.

Exceed your compliance needs

Why settle for the bare minimum? Easily generate scalable advice that wows your compliance department.

Moreover email them all your notes in less time that it takes to read this sentence.



Read what others say about the demo…

Can you wait...I need my Operations person to see this. Amazing!
— An advisor from a $2B RIA in Southern California
Our system doesn’t have anything like this. It would make a huge impact to our practice.
— Advisors from a large broker/dealer
— An advisor from a large broker/dealer
— Michelle // an Intern


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