You use a lot of tech to get you prepared for the client meeting

Investment Research > Risk > Rebalancing > Financial Planning
and many more

But to write and communicate with a client, you keep re-inventing the wheel every day. 

Opening up Word or Email and typing over and over.

With Pulse360, you can stop re-inventing the wheel and save over 70% of your time.

A Searchable, Repeatable, and Scalable process

Prepare and send customized agendas in just 2 minutes

With the help of Pulse360’s micro-templates and flexible fields, you can create customized agendas in a flash - without breaking a sweat. Housekeeping and opportunity items can be included too.

Say goodbye to yellow pads - take notes digitally

You can write/draw on the built-in digital notepad. It is directly tied to your client and the appointment within Pulse360 and centrally saved. Your team can access what you write/draw - in one app - from anywhere. And Pulse360 syncs seamlessly with your current CRM. Hand-offs are now a thing of the past!

A junior staff member can relay your advice - in your words - in an instant

Financial lingo, compliance issues and company branding all have to be addressed in a follow-up. No wonder they’re such a chore. Not any more. With Pulse360 simply add in your advice just once - then pass to a junior team member to create your follow-up. Job done. Now you can spend your time where it’s needed most - with clients. Time to scale your business!

Send follow-ups in 5 minutes

You don’t have to open an email to compose a follow-up. Or grapple with frustrating formatting issues. Finished follow-ups are sent directly from your app - and your advice is synced to your CRM.
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